Formally Fusion Fitness & Performance Centre, Fusion barbell is a cooperative club of coaches, athletes and students interested in becoming strong(er).

Out of our bespoke 1800 square foot facility, we run coaching & training programs for strongman, disabled strongman, powerlifting, Para-powerlifting, weightlifting & power development.  We have a group coaching environment, where the coach will often be training with the students. We have created this space for 3 primary reasons.

- Increase participation of weightlifting, powerlifting, Para-powerlifting, strongman and disabled strongman

- Provide an education platform for like-minded individuals to develop and promote the benefits of strength training for the general population and athletes alike.

- To demystify the current stereotype of strength training and show that strength sports are inclusive, with weight categories, age categories and can create robust athletic physiques with function and purpose.

Having all the founding members come from a competitive background, a long-term vision of ours is to have national and internationally competitive athletes in all sports. We all, however, share the vision of participation growth before competitive growth and understand that our community is more important than a single victor.


Sam Murphy BSc, MSc, ASCC


Head Coach

Dog Aesthetics Analyst

Thomas Riley


Sprint Coach

Pro Dog Chaser

James Moore


Nutritional Coach

Pro Dog Stroker

Kieren Mildwaters


Assistant Strongman Coach

Large Dog Specialist

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